Kelvin Jiménez

Computer Science, Technology and Aviation

  • The sweet and bitter of ICO's

    Not every venture needs a blockchain, but all ventures require funds, mostly in their first stages, this is how the blockchain has become the evolution of crowdfunding.

  • Illusion of online Privacy

    Be connected is part of most people now-days. Doing things online are easier than ever. Things like banking, buying stuff,communicate with others are a few clicks away. All that came with a hidden cost for many people does not know: lost of privacy. I would like to share some thoughts and ideas on that.

  • Hosting Jekyll on the Grid

    Since I started to create this website I have tried several technologies, after a long way, I think is solution is the most affordable and reliable.

  • Á l'attente de faire de chose parfait

    Il ‘y a 4 ans de la la première fois que J’ai pensé la création de ce site pour partager des idées et des choses interesants, mais aprés de longtemps J’ai decidé de ecrire mon premièr post.


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