Since I started to create this website I have tried several technologies, after a long way, I think is solution is the most affordable and reliable.

My requirements for the website was:

  1. No be tied to specific platform, for example WordPress or Drupal.
  2. Be the owner of my data. The prefer way is to store everything in a Git repository.
  3. Simple blogging mechanism, easy as writing a markdown file.
  4. Not significant cost.

Some of the approaches that I have did was doing everything from scratch, the solution was very customizable, however was very hard to maintain and develop so I moved to Ghost a blogging platform that support markdown files and have a nice and simple blogging CMS(Content Management System), It run NodeJS server, I decide to put behind a Nginx server in a VPS(Virtual Private Server) to enable caching and add a security layer SSL (Security Socket Layer), but as you can think that is like not the correct tool for the problem, because we are only hosting and static website with few changes during the time.

After that I decide to explore Jekyll, mainly for its native support of markdown files and static website generation. So I setup, modified the CSS and html files, and as many of you know I’m NOT an avid web developer, but I could do the changes with easiness.

I still at that time host the site behind the Nginx, but the cheaper VPS out there cost around $5 USD/month, this still have some drawbacks:

  1. Expensive for hosting a few HTMLs.
  2. Take care of the maintenance of the server.
  3. Share space with others VPS.
  4. Hard to move from 1 provider to another.
  5. Not scalable.

When I started to use the VPS, I chose as an alternative to hosting in some of those hundreds of websites, cheap hosting but not good quality of the service at the other end, AWS, Azure and GCP was out of budget, a VPS there is expensive that and VPS in some websites. But I really don’t need computing power, because I’m not hosting a DB or providing any kind of service, only a few HTML, JS and CSS files.

I find out that the bucket or blob could be use as hosting and you can setup a custom domain. Definitely that beat the hosting in the VPS.

  1. Scalable, not matter if the site has 1 user or hundreds.
  2. Availability, I setup global replication of the bucket.
  3. Security, it provides and SSL certificates and ACL’s.
  4. Reliable, Pay as you go. I’m paying as low as $0.99/month.

aws architecture