Not every venture needs a blockchain, but all ventures require funds, mostly in their first stages, this is how the blockchain has become the evolution of crowdfunding.

In an IPO’s typical there are a lot of requirements and regulations and only a few could invest however those regulations let the investors have a certain guarantee against fraud. In the opposite the ICO’s no requirements no regulations and no guarantees, it means high risk “investment”, probably you already have lost it if you don’t investigate very well the background of the people behind the idea, the whitepaper is a great point to start, you could not have any doubt of it, clarified and make them let know any concerns about it. Check their background on LinkedIn to know what they were doing before coming with this idea. Also, you could check out many of the sites that analyze ICOs prior their lunch.

Probably most ventures don’t need a blockchain nor their own token, it takes a lot of responsibility and resources of the newborn project, the usage of a well establish token like Ethereum with high liquidity and market capitalization could let the team focus in the development of their idea, not in the management of a token. If a company decides to have their own token the need to make sure to bring their token to an exchange, (this is crucial, the investors need a way to get back their investment whenever they want). And it increases the credibility and transparency in the venture.

I consider many great projects will be able to become products soon thanks to the blockchain. We cannot deny this technology anymore this will be part of our future as the Internet nowadays.